Philips QT4011/15 trimmer for Men Specification and Details.

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Philips QT4011/15 trimmer for Men Specification and Details

In this post we are going to discuss about Philips QT4011/15 trimmer for Men is a very famous trimmer that comes with length settings that range from 0.5 mm to 10 mm making it very useful no matter whether you want to maintain a clean-shaven look or a neat beard. The trimmer of Philips designed with titanium coated blades that provide a superior cutting performance.

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Skin-friendly Performance:-

Philips Beard trimmer is designed with blades that have rounded tips for smooth contact with the skin. It ensures that there will be not cut or haired pulled and combs to prevent irritation. The blade designed in that manner that sharp the edge by itself. Advanced titanium blades for superior cutting performance and long-lasting sharpness. This will give you pleasant trim every time.

How to Use Philips QT4011/15 trimmer

Philips QT4011/15 trimmer once charges for one hour it gives backup of 90 minutes. It means once you charge it fully you can do almost 6 trim. Dura power technology optimizes the power consumption to ensure that your trimmer lasts longer. Another main feature is that it can be used even while charging.

Easy to check Battery Status:-
Many trimmers in the market coming without battery indicator and even not show while charging. This Philips Beard trimmer comes with a light indicator that alerts you when the battery is fully charged (green), low on charge (orange) or charging (blinks green).

Effortless Trimming with the Zoom Wheel:-
Keeping beards nowadays become a fashion in youth, for that demand of trimmer has increased. QT4011/15 Philips trimmer is coming with an easy length setting you can adjust the length setting just using the wheel. It having 20 different length settings starting from Zero to 20. You can choose a 3-day shadow look or simply turn the trimmer wheel to zero and remove comb for zero trim looks.

Easy to Clean and Maintain:-

The Trimmer comes with a detachable head that can be easily removed and washed under a running tap. So you can attach it back easily once it’s dried. Also, unlike other trimmers, you don’t need to regularly oil it.

Warranty Summary – 2 Years Philips India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance and Additional 1 Year Extended Warranty Through Online Registration
Service Type -Offsite
Covered in Warranty -Manufacturing Defects
Not Covered in Warranty -Physical Damage

Features :

Easy to handling
90 minutes cordless use after 1 hours charging
Safe & comfortable
Easy to select and 20 lock settings
Worldwide voltage
Detachable heads

Easy to handling

  1. Build quality from Philips is amazing as always.
  2. Length settings are very precise.
  3. Charging time: 60 mins full charge.
  4. Usage time up to 90 min from a single full charge.
  5. Can be used both ways – with & without charging.
  6. Blades are very good titanium coated. QT4011/15 Philips trimmer for Men (Corded & Cordless)

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  1. Nothing says that you can’t also use your hair clippers to trim your beard but when it comes to styling a beard, a quality beard trimmer is a way to go. Beard trimmers have thinner blades while hair clippers work well for trimming and shaping longer hair.

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